Net Engine Power 36 kW
Operating Capacity 612 kg
Operating Weight 2.791 kg
Net Engine Power 46 kW
Operating Capacity 862 kg
Operating Weight 3.200 kg
Net Engine Power 55 kW
Operating Capacity 1.179 kg
Operating Weight 3.734 kg
Net Engine Power 55 kW
Operating Capacity 1.495 kg
Operating Weight 4.243 kg
Motoreffekt 46 kW
Løftekapacitet 930 kg
Egenvægt 3.310 kg
Motoreffekt 55 kW
Løftekapacitet 1.021 kg
Egenvægt 3.608 kg
Motoreffekt 42 kW
Løftekapacitet 794 kg
Egenvægt 3.050 kg
Motoreffekt 55 kW
Løftekapacitet 1.270 kg
Egenvægt 3.796 kg
Motoreffekt/td> 55 kW
Løftekapacitet 1.361 kg
Egenvægt 4.107 kg
Motoreffekt/td> 42 kW
Løftekapacitet 703 kg
Egenvægt 2.883 kg

JCB Skid Steer Loaders

JCB have approached the skid steer loader design with a unique perspective. Using inspiration from their class-leading LOADALL telescopic handler range, they designed the skid steer loader with a completely fresh layout: a single boom and side entry.

This innovative engineered machine ensures that our skid steer:

  • Is the World’s safest skid steer loader.
  • Visibility is 60% better than the competition.
  • Has a cab size 46% larger than the average competition on a small platform.
  • Based off of the SAE Service Audit scores, has 24% better serviceability on large platforms, 21% on small platforms.
  • Is the most efficient skid steer on the market, with up to 16% better fuel consumption.

Choose your machine below for more information on the World’s safest skid steer loader.


Choose the right equipment

A skid steer loader can be used for several different purposes. In agriculture, it is often used to do heavy lifts, transport and other day to day tasks. A skid steer loader can with the right equipment also be used for alternative jobs like mowing, hedge cutting, snow plowing and much more.

Our team of skilled consultants can guide you the right skid steer loader. So you get the machine that fits exactly to your job tasks. Furthermore, we can help you to get the right equipment so you get the optimal use out of your machine.

Contact Nicolaisen & Larsen A/S on tel. +45 70 10 12 14 and get the help you need to find your next JCB machine.