Maximum Dig Depth 4,07 m
Maximum Dump Height 4,281 m
Operating Weight 6.760 kg
Maximum Dig Depth 3,625 m
Maximum Dump Height 4,946 m
Operating Weight 8.300 kg
Maximum Dig Depth 4,372 m
Maximum Dump Height 5,395 m
Operating Weight 8.600 kg
Maximum Dig Depth 4,555 m
Maximum Dump Height 5,490 m
Operating Weight 9.733 kg
Maksimal gravedybde 4,137 m
Maksimal aflæsningshøjde 5,32 m
Egenvægt 8.923 kg
Maksimal gravedybde 4,011 m
Maksimal aflæsningshøjde 4,216 m
Egenvægt 6.601 kg

JCB Mini Excavators 6-10 ton

We have a large selection of mini excavators in the 6-10 ton class. JCB is the leading brand when it comes to maneuverability and comfort. The JCB mini excavators provides the operator with 360 degrees view. The machines technology and performance is the best, with a mini excavator from JCB you are always certain you are getting a versatile mini excavator with high productivity.

Every machine has an engine without DPF or DOC which makes these mini excavators even more special regarding the low operating costs. The benefits is a lower fuel economy, less servicing and more uptime. There are 500 hours between oil and filter change which heightens efficiency. The JCB brand is known for the quality and reliability which is reflected in every JCB machine. Furthermore strength, precision and performance when you need it. The JCB mini excavator and its intuitive controls provides you with the best accuracy and the lowest operating costs so the productivity heightens.


Superior properties

With a JCB mini excavator you get the same great properties as with the large excavators. The only difference is just that they are smaller and therefore can’t lift the same weight.

JCB has the same focus on low operating costs, superior ergonomics, easy servicing and the same strict requirements towards security to the mini excavators as to the large excavators.

We have just the right mini excavator for you, just give us a call on tel +45 70 10 12 14. We can customize the machine so it matches your special needs and your job requirements. We will guide you towards the right machine for you.