Maximum Dig Depth 1,69 m
Maximum Dump Height 1,95 m
Operating Weight 950 kg
Maximum Dig Depth 2,15 m
Maximum Dump Height 1,895 m
Operating Weight 1.110 kg
Maximum Dig Depth 2,648 m
Maximum Dump Height 2,531 m
Operating Weight 1.634 kg
Maximum Dig Depth 3,05 m
Maximum Dump Height 3,22 m
Operating Weight 2.867 kg
Maximum Dig Depth 3,532 m
Maximum Dump Height 4,001 m
Operating Weight 4.792 kg
Maximum Dig Depth 3,652 m
Maximum Dump Height 4,088 m
Operating Weight 5.112 kg
Maximum Dig Depth 3,843 m
Maximum Dump Height 4,274 m
Operating Weight 5.366 kg
Maximum Dig Depth 4,077 m
Maximum Dump Height 4,456 m
Operating Weight 5.483 kg
Maximum Dig Depth 3,075 m
Maximum Dump Height 2,846 m
Operating Weight 1.822 kg
Maksimal gravedybde 2,62 m
Maksimal aflæsningshøjde 2,77 m
Egenvægt 2.067 kg
Maksimal gravedybde 2,832 m
Maksimal aflæsningshøjde 3,158 m
Egenvægt 2.806 kg
Maksimal gravedybde 2,595 m
Maksimal aflæsningshøjde 2,531 m
Egenvægt 1.657 kg
Maksimal gravedybde 3,119 m
Maksimal aflæsningshøjde 3,205 m
Egenvægt 3.217 kg
Maksimal gravedybde 3,512 m
Maksimal aflæsningshøjde 3,482 m
Egenvægt 3.651 kg

JCB mini excavators

A versatile machine

JCB’s high quality and dependable machines are reflected in their mini excavators. The JCB mini excavators can handle any job you might have. All JCB mini excavators can boast of the best power to weight ratio and again JCB has developed a series of machines which are best in providing the operator with comfort and maneuverability.

The JCB mini excavator offers strength, precision and performance when it is needed. The machines are designed to provide the highest level of comfort to the operator. The technology and performance in these mini excavators are top class and you get an effective and versatile machine to facilitate your work, if you buy a JCB mini excavator.

The right mini excavator

The right mini excavator helps you when you are challenged by construction or demolition jobs. The JCB mini excavator offers you the best in class dipper and tear out force.

It is important that you choose a mini excavator that is customized to exactly your work jobs. JCB offers both easy and compact machines. Some can easily get thru ordinary house doors others have more raw power and greater lifting force.

At Nicolaisen and Larsen A/S, our skilled consultants can help you find the exact mini excavator which matches your work tasks. Contact us on tel +45 70 10 12 14.