Capacity at 2m Reach 1.400 kg
Maximum Lift Capacity 2.500 kg
Maximum Lift Height 4,0 m
Capacity at 2m Reach 2.000 kg
Maximum Lift Capacity 3.000 kg
Maximum Lift Height 5,15 m
Capacity at 2m Reach 2.400 kg
Maximum Lift Capacity 3.500 kg
Maximum Lift Height 4,4 m

JCB Teletruk

JCB teletruk sets the standard

In 1997, JCB developed a forklift truk with a telescopic boom instead of a vertical mast to create the JCB teletruk. Our unique design dramatically improves site safety, saves operational time and yard space. All of which can translate into huge financial savings.

The teletruk forklift provides unrivalled forward visibility, forward reach and large lift capacity on a compact machine. It enables you to change attachments quickly and easily and the 111 degrees of carriage rotation allows you to pick and place loads safely.

In short, the teletruk does everything a conventional forklift does, only more.

JCB teletruks uniqe design makes the machine far more efficient than a conventional forklift. The improvement implies huge economic benefits which are:

  • Improved range
  • Heighten visibility
  • Improved security
  • Requires less space

JCB has constantly focus on improving their machines by using the newest technology and analyzes.


A small Teletruk with large capacity

JCB teletruks can carry a surprisingly large cargo compared to its compact size. The machines high lifting capacity, lift capacity and high maneuvering skills makes storage and loading an easy job. It even allows you to do the work even faster than ordinary forklifts.

Are you looking for a new truck? Then we can recommend one of the JCB teletruks. Our team of skilled consultants is always ready to guide you to the right machine for you. Contact Nicolaisen & Larsen A/S on Tel +45 70 10 12 14.